GLYS is a choir for children and young people.


Who is it for?

Children and young people from Grade 3 – Grade 12 who
love to sing. That's right, it's for YOU!


Wednesdays 4.15pm – 5.30pm. We will be at Newstead
College from 4pm.
Please arrive before 4.15 so we are ready to start on time.

Join Now

If you love to sing, GLYS is for you.

We have an exciting year ahead, it's not too late to join!

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  • We aim to inspire, nurture, educate and motivate our singers.
  • We believe everyone can benefit from singing in a choir. We endeavor to foster a love of
    choral music through the rehearsal and performance of a wide variety of choral music from
    all genres and cultures. Through exciting opportunities, we aim to support artistic growth
    and a greater appreciation of music and the arts.
  • Through our carefully sequenced choral curriculum, we aim to develop the natural voice in a
    supportive environment that encourages teamwork, good communication and self-esteem.

  • The training of boys and girls in choral singing.
  • The promotion of excellence in performance.
  • The development of a life-long love of music and joy in singing.
  • The nurturing of friendships and strong sense of community in a happy and safe environment
    where young people develop singing and ensemble skills, independence, and are proud to
    learn, perform, socialise and flourish.
  • Developing aural and sight-singing skills, correct vocal techniques and an understanding of
    musical notation.

  • Regular attendance at rehearsals. This is of utmost importance as our repertoire becomes
    more complex.
  • Being available for performances. We will notify performance dates well in advance so these
    dates can be added to your busy diaries.
  • Appropriate behavior and listening attentively at rehearsals and performances.
    Inappropriate and disruptive behavior hinders learning and will not be tolerated.
  • Being responsible for keeping music safe and organised. Original copies are provided most
    of the time and are collected when finished with. Please bring music every week.
  • Having fun and loving to sing with new friends!!!

GLYS performing “Cups”